2019 - ongoing

“Un modèle au regard qui fait oublier tout ce qui se trouve alentour.
Du paysage de marais vaporeux à ses vêtements qui sont de cérémonie, tout est happé par ce seul regard.
Il est comme suspendu à celui du photographe.
On devine qu’il s’agit ici d’un dialogue de haut vol, de ceux qui sondent toute l’infinité de ce que l’on est.” - Léonore Veya

For the past four years, I have dedicated my photographic practice to the exploration of queer, trans and non-binary identities. I started this series when I met Prairie while doing a project about queerness. This first collaboration has paved the way to a photographic and performative process that we have been pursuing together since 2019.

In this project, I try to discover the singularities and multiple facets of Prairie’s fluid identity. The images reveal the strong intimacy shared by two people who are getting to know each other and who share the same interests in queer pride.

The outdoor space becomes safe and inspiring for both of us, and gives us the freedom to experiment and trouble the norms. These spaces allow Prairie to perform to the viewer, who is confronted to a gaze that probes the infinity of possibilities beyond the binary.

For my diploma finals, the project was presented as a book and an installation. It was important for me to have a printed fabric piece which creates a parallel with the importance of clothing and fluidity in the series. The book allows to show the whole series in one object and establishes a timeline for the 2 years we collaborated together.

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